The Gallura is characterized by a strong economy where prevail, in addition to the renowned tourist industry, the cork and granite industry, in which he reached primates internationally.

The meaning of coronimo “Gaddùra / Caddùra” would be “rocky, stony” hypothesis that seems confirmed by the mainly mountainous nature of the Gallura area, especially if compared to that of Logudoro neighboring flat or hilly. rich granitic rock smoothed by the wind, rain and the sea, especially on the coasts, natural sculptures of bizarre forms such as Bear, near Palau, give the Gallura a very original appearance, very similar to that of southern Corsica and which leaves room only north to fertile plains.

The natural vegetation of the coast is formed by the Mediterranean (mastic, cistus, strawberry tree, myrtle etc.). The interior, however, has a different look, more sheltered from the wind and characterized by impressive granite outcrops and forests of oak and cork whose processing is one of the main productive activities.

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